Assisting With Custody And Support Modifications

You and your spouse or co-parent may have spent a considerable amount of time resolving your initial custody and support agreements. These are often very complex cases, involving many different issues that need to be discussed between the parties. When events happen that require a change to these prior agreements, you need to know the steps that you must take in order to ensure that your requests should be approved. At the James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience helping families obtain results. We know how important these cases can be, and we are committed to working together with you to develop a strategy that helps you obtain the relief you need. Our clients can count on us to be by their side throughout the entire process.

Experienced Representation In And Out Of The Courtroom

Most modification requests arise after there has been a major change in circumstances. Your ex-spouse may have gotten remarried, ending the need for spousal support. You may have accepted a job in another state, and need to relocate with the children. Your financial situation may have become more difficult if you lose your job, requiring you to have the child support order in your case revisited. No matter what situation you are facing, it is important that you work with experienced professionals who understand how courts consider these issues. Our legal team has appeared in hundreds of trials in courts across north Texas, and we understand how to present your requests. We will not be intimidated in the courtroom.