Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

When a person is charged with a sex crime, there will likely be extensive media attention devoted to the case. Suspects are treated as guilty before they ever have a chance to offer a defense, making it difficult to obtain a fair trial. At the James H. Horton Law Firm, P.C., we provide aggressive representation to those who have been accused of sex crimes. Our lead attorney, Jim Horton, is a specialist in criminal law, as certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has handled hundreds of jury trials throughout the state, and he will use these skills to present a strong defense to the allegations you are facing. In addition, David Lowrance also has experience working as a police officer, and we know how the other side handles these kinds of cases.

Do Not Plead Guilty Without Discussing Your Options

Many people want to put these accusations behind them as soon as possible and make the mistake of entering a plea without understanding the consequences of a conviction. We take the time to explain the possible defenses available to you. We can help you if you have been charged with any of the following sex crimes:

  • Sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault (rape)
  • Child sexual abuse charges involving juvenile or adult defendants
  • Additional felony crimes concerning sexual violence

Many of these crimes care extensive prison sentences. In some situations, even a first-time offender could be looking at spending the rest of his or her life behind bars. In addition, those convicted will be forced to comply with the requirements of the state’s sex offender registry. This means that they will be facing restrictions on where they can live or work long after they have finished their prison sentences. Should you be accused of one of these crimes, you need to understand that prosecutors take these cases seriously. The state has been gathering evidence to use against you before you were even arrested for the crimes. You need someone on your side. As soon you contact our experienced lawyers, we will immediately begin building your defense and preparing for trial.